A Step of Faith


Monday is around the corner and we’re entering into our last week of the Summer Term.

Friday is coming, Friday and goodbyes and packing and traveling, and soon, airport terminals, departures and arrivals into a foreign land.

Time catches up doesn’t it? It doesn’t seem to slow itself down, and we’re all wondering how to keep out hearts open, when goodbyes come, when we’ve settled into a routine and then it seems as if time speeds up the clock. How do you keep your heart open when goodbyes seem often?

We remind ourselves that this isn’t our home, that we are not from this earth, but from another kingdom, living on this earth, this land of in-between.

We remind ourselves to camp where we are, but get ready to cross the Jordan River when asked, like the Israelites did, and prepare to move forward. They didn’t know which way they were going, but they knew which way to go.

And just like them, you’ll know the way.

Because the Lord goes before you, behind you, and with you, preparing the way, each step of the way.

You’ll know which way to go, but you haven’t been this way before. The Jordan will rage in front of you, and you’ll be asked to take a step of faith and step into the raging waters, and you will cross on dry ground.

That step of faith will give others courage, courage to do the same, and this is why we can’t stay where we are at, together, a community at CIT, even though we are thankful for this community that is built here.

There comes a time when you know that it’s time, time to pack up and cross your Jordan, a step of faith into the wild unknown, a test of deep trust and true surrender. 

An you’ll know the way.

You’ll know the way, this scattering that happens around the world, that we may join hands together with others to gather again, gather around a celebration in heaven, our true home. We don’t stop until we get there. Because this isn’t our home.

Let’s remind ourselves of that and keep our hearts open, hearts open to love others, to serve where we are called to, and to fix our eyes on the unseen, on the eternal.

Here’s your step of faith, and you’ll know which way to go.


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