A Cup Overflowing

I remember sitting with a friend over coffee in Prague, and how she looked into the cup she was holding, and said, “We each have our cup.”

“We each have our cup.”


I was in the midst of moving, feeling a little scattered, as well as preparing to move back to the U.S., and the reminder was just what I needed that day.

“We each have our cup.”

Everything in your life is purposeful.

Because here’s the thing–we don’t choose the path we walk on. God chooses it for us. And we can trust that the One who already knows are unknowns, who knows the plans He has for us, which are plans to prosper, is the same God who is with us in this very moment, in the moments where we wonder what God is up to. We can rest in the promises that God says in His word, and rely, not on our understanding, not on our feelings or emotions, which can easily change, but on Him who does not change, who is Constant, and who is perfect in knowledge, and in truth.

“We each have our cup.”


A cup overflowing with the richness of Him, the One who fills all things in every way. A cup of blessing, for the very presence of God is with us and for us, a God who delights in us as His children and delights to give us good gifts, a God who fashioned and formed each of us, and is walking with us.

May our happiness and joy not come from our circumstances, on the outer, but inner, a steadfast assurance and hope in the Lord that anchors the soul, firm and unmoved.


“We each have our cup.”

Psalm 16 continues by saying, “The lines have fallen to me in pleasant places; Indeed, my heritage is beautiful to me.”

We can find our rest in the One who is Glorious, the True Light, the Light of the world who came into the world to give us life. We can trust the Greatest of loves, this Perfect Love that gave up everything for us, that we might be His Beloved.

May you know that you are loved fiercely, and that the Lord is fighting for you, keeping you strong in Him. May you look to the Shepherd, as he leads the way, and may your cup overflow.


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