You’re Valuable


At a spiritual retreat hosted by CIT, one of the women I met this week brought up the imagery of “kinsugi,” a Japanese art that takes shattered pottery and fills it with gold.

As I sat with this imagery, I was reminded of Psalm 23, “my cup overflows.”  As I looked that up, I was reminded that it meant, “not in need.”

As people leave for the field, there’s a lot to think about. There’s plane tickets to purchase, bags to pack, goodbyes to be said, and the list just continues. And then there is the unknown of the new country, this new place, and what if when landing you forget something, something important? What happens when the unknown looms in front of you, like a stormy sea, a swirl of waves colliding? It’s almost like one wave hits and you are jolted, jolted to the other side of the boat, things scattered, and then another jolt, and then thoughts of, “Will I be swept away by the sea?”

This is where I want to continually be reminded of His goodness, His mercy, for indeed apart from Him, there isn’t goodness. This is where I want to anchor, in the hope found in His Word, that surely, yes surely, goodness and mercy continue to flow abundantly.

We sometimes have these pieces of a shattered pottery, pieces that we wonder if they can be fixed; the brokenness seems very real, and in the midst of that, Jesus comes in an asks us to offer what we have as an offering, included the shattered pieces.

And in His gentleness He comes, He comes and takes the pieces that are broken, and fills them with gold, the broken pieces swept up in the beautiful grace of wholeness. Not only that, but then He fills our cups and they overflow with goodness and with mercy.

He comes and says, “You are valuable. You are worth it. You are worth it and more, because I love you, and my very delight is in you.”

And His calmness dissipates all the fears of being swept by the sea, of drowning, for He reminds us that He created the very sea that we journey upon.

In His good pleasure, He smiles like a Father being handed a picture that His daughter or son made, an offering, and He takes all that we have and He smiles at us, affirming that we are His and He cares more about our hearts than even, we, ourselves, know. He continues to redeem and restore and make us whole again. Whole in Him, full, filled to the brim, and overflowing with goodness and mercy.

You are valuable, far more worth then even gold. May you rest in the truth that He is with you, and He will not forsake you. May you have courage to offer up to Him all that you have, even the parts that you, yourself, don’t deem worthy. You are worthy, because He is worthy. All of you. You are valuable.