image1-2.JPGI ventured into the forest at the back of CIT today, a moment of silence and solitude in the middle of the day. I heard the birds chirping, but other than that, there was silence.

The trees themselves spoke of stillness, as there has been an abrupt change of weather in the past few days, snow passing through, and still they stand, calm and still. Rain is forecasted for later this afternoon, and again they will stand tall together, calm and still.

I’ve been thinking about the word ‘wisdom,’ and what it means. Proverbs 2 talks about inclining your eye to wisdom, to search for it, like a hidden treasure. There are three words that go together in this passage–wisdom, discernment, and understanding, and that wisdom is given from the Lord.

There is this searching, this seeking, and then there is Him giving, giving a gift that we cannot find ourselves, but can prepare our hearts to receive openly. We incline our ears to the One who inclines His ear to us. We apply our hearts and search out wisdom, and we find it there, there in our very midst, given from the Giver of all things. “He stores up sound wisdom for the upright; He is a shield to those who walk uprightly; He guards the paths of Justice, and preserves the way of His saints”(Prov. 2:7-8).

Do not fear today. He is guarding your path. If you are seeking for wisdom it will be found, but the journey might be longer than you expect in finding it. Continue to press in, like the trees, and take root, for there will be a peace that comes that no storm can topple. Venture out into the unknown, and search for it like a hidden treasure. You might just be surprised as what you’ll find.

I ventured out into the forest today, and I learned about silence, about seeking, and about finding, and that wisdom calls forth, the intertwining of His handiwork in every day moments, moments of pausing in wonder. May we continue to seek to find, to find what we are seeking–more of Him, His invisible qualities seen.


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