The Freedom to Try

The past few days, we’ve been working to put up some wall art at CIT. Before we began, my friend said these words to me. “Let’s try it and see what happens. If it ends up being a fail, it’s okay. We can say that we tried.”

After starting the project, we realized that it would take a lot longer than we initially expected, as each letter had to be taken off and carefully placed in alignment with the others. I continued to remember those words. “Let’s try and see what happens.”


This project taught me about teamwork, and about trying. As we worked together, we were able to accomplish more, and we were able to encourage each other to continue until the project was finished. We gave ourselves the permission to fail; in the end, if it didn’t work out, we could start over and try again. We also gave ourselves the freedom to try, and in the end, it wasn’t a fail; it was a success. Yet we wouldn’t have known that if we hadn’t at least tried it.


After the encouragement of the first one completed, we were also able to complete a second one, and even though it looked different than the first, we were able to use what we had learned to put this one up.


This project got me thinking about trying.

Recently, I read a quote from Bob Goff, which says, “God doesn’t enjoy seeing us fail; He loves to watch us grow.”

This comes with the freedom to try, to grow, and we might be surprised when looking back, that the things were were afraid of failing at, were the things, that in the end, grew us the most.

Maybe your in the middle of language learning, or in the middle of making a big decision in ministry. What would you do, if you gave yourself the freedom to try?  What would happen if you tried it, and see what happens?

What are the areas in your life that He is calling forth growth, to trust Him more fully, and rely on His strength?

Give yourself the freedom to try, and see what happens. There’s some beautiful lessons intertwined within the daily.

Give yourself the freedom to try, and if there comes a moment to pause–take it and breathe– and then jump back in with renewed steadfastness.

Give yourself the freedom to try; in the end, you aren’t failing; you are growing, growing more into His likeness, as you learn about patience and steadfastness, perseverance and faithfulness.

Give yourself the freedom to try, and see what happens.


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