Approaching Him

Son,” said Aslan to the Cabby,

I have known you long. Do you know me?”

-C.S. Lewis, The Magician’s Nephew

The clouds were beautiful this morning, colors of blue and white leaving me in wonder, as I looked up at the sky and was reminded of the magnificence of His glory and power.


Creation speaks of His glory.

I later saw a small yellow flower, and as I approached, I was left captivated by the beauty of it, as it reminded me of an apple pie.

Sheer Delight. Wonder.

There I stood, staring at it, that yellow flower, a symbol of freedom in the yellow bursting forth. The flower reminds me that God is very personal, knowing each one of us deeply and intimately, for He knew this yellow flower would bring me joy today.


He didn’t have to create it; He created it because He wanted to. He delights to delight us, and in the absolute wonder of it all, I pondered upon Jeremiah 30:21.


We are invited to draw near, to approach the One who created all things for His glory, to approach Him who is radiant in glorious splendor, not because of anything we have done, but because of everything He has done for us.

In each of our lives, He is inviting us to draw near, to approach Him. There is beauty in being known, being known by the One who gives life abundantly. There is beauty in receiving, receiving His invitation to approach Him.

In what ways is God causing you to draw near to Him? In what ways is God calling you into His “throne of grace with confidence”(Heb. 4:16)?

Will you receive His invitation to approach Him? With outstretched arms, He’s there, inviting you into His open arms. May you be embraced by Him, and know that you are loved, intimately and fully.

With joy,